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John & Robyn Dugas
Gloucester River Wines
51 Stantons Road,
Gloucester, NSW 2422
Phone 0411 112 072
Using 460 year old methods brought from Central Europe, the wines are charactful, often intense and completely authentic.  No additives, no chemicals, no pesticides, or chemical sprays, no fertiliser other than that generated by the property's cattle and turned into 'cow tea' before being added to the individual vines. This is a vineyard that makes wine like it used to be made. Visit, taste, picnic by the river! Telephone 0411-112072 for wine tasting appointments, winery tours and sales.
Gloucester's boutique vineyard situated on 30 acres by the Gloucester River grows and produces no added preservative wines. Planted in 2003, the vineyard and on site cellar creates small lot vintages of  200 - 500 litres.  The wine is handpicked and handcrafted in the cellar, not the laboratory, and varies from year to year. Each year's tastes are driven by the climate, not what can be manufactured through blending.  The wines are faithful to both their variety and the growing conditions.